The TREAGUS One-Name Study  

Welcome to this website. It is over 30 years since I started to research the various branches of my family history. Before the 20th century the TREAGUS name seemed to be fairly localised in West Sussex and Hampshire so I decided to record all occurrences of the surname and its variants; this website attempts to bring together this information. At present the study is primarily focused in the United Kingdom but TREAGUS descendants occur in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere; these will be included as they are uncovered.

Details for over 800 TREAGUS and variant individuals and around 700 spouses etc... are included so far; others will appear in due course. The main TREAGUS branch originates from William TREAGUS (1729 - 1793) and Sarah COMBES, centred around West Dean, whilst TREAGUSTs' appear to be located more in the Portsmouth/Hampshire area.

This TREAGUS One-Name Study is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies.

The links to the left will take you directly to an alphabetic index of TREAGUS and variant forenames or to an index of all surnames connected with a TREAGUS through marriage etc...; selecting a surname will show an index of forenames for that surname. If you would like to access some of the source data which I have recorded click here or on the entry in the menu (requires registration).

Selecting a forename leads to a family tree which shows the individual (in red), their siblings, parents and children and a summary of genealogical data for each.

    •  Unique Identifier                          (e.g.769012).
    •  Forename(s), and SURNAME      (if different to the surname of the tree's subject)
    •  Date and Place of Birth               (e.g. b 01.03.1898 East Ardsley)
    •  Baptismal Date and Parish          (e.g. bap 07.03.1898 Arundel)
    •  Date and Parish of Marriage        (e.g. mar 06.04.1861 West Dean)
    •  Date and Place of Death             (e.g. d 02.01.1879 West Dean)
    •  Burial Date and Parish                (e.g. bur 08.01.1879 West Dean)
    •  GRO Birth, Marriage and Death Registration Year/Quarter and District (e.g. B1903/2 Wakefield, M1934/4 Walsall, D1978/2 Bolton)
    •  An indication whether a Probate record has been found
    •  Age and Place of Residence in each of the 1841 to 1911 Censuses (e.g. C4/4 West Dean indicates residence in West Dean in 1841 aged 4)
    •  If is shown against a name more detailed data may be accessed.

Other individuals may be selected from the tree or by returning to the index. There is no search facility at present but the forename indices include a range of dates as a guide to the lifetime of an individual. Living individuals are not generally included in the indices or the trees.

I hope you find the content useful; more detailed information may be available on request, so do please contact me if you have any queries, comments, corrections, additions or suggestions. If you have TREAGUS members in your family and want help in fitting them into this jigsaw I am happy to help. This content is provided freely and in good faith and may be used for personal research, but I ask that no part of the site is reproduced without first seeking permission. 

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