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Church Records
Baptism 17.09.1905 at Felpham Marriage Burial
Childs Name Alfred James Treagus of William Alfred / Nellie Between   Name  
Born 01.08.1905 at Felpham     and Died on
Remark b 1/8/1905,of Felpham,bricklayers labr. ? Curley Remark Remark
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Civil Registration & Probate
Birth Alfred James Treagus (Mother SAIT) Marriage Alfred J Treagus and Winifred B BULMAN BULMAN Death Alfred James Treagus
Quarter 1905/3 Westhampnett Quarter 1924/1 Westhampnett Quarter 1981/2 Hampshire South East
Reference 2b 350 Reference 2b 631 Reference 20 1625 (age 75, Probate DoB 01.08.1905)
Remark Remark =Winifred B BULMAN Remark b 1/8/1905
Source SCH Register Source SCH Register Source SCH Register
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1911 Alfred Treagus 5   Son School b. Felpham
  Bognor (ED 6) Census c1-sussex-bognor-6-4.jpg 2/3