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Church Records
Baptism 11.07.1880 at New Fishbourne Marriage 18.11.1911 at South Bersted Burial 27.10.1960 at Felpham
Childs Name James T Treagus of Alfred / Elizabeth Between James Thomas Treagus, 31,bch,leading seaman,RN,HMS Roxburgh,f=Alfred TREAGUS,farm labr Name James Thomas Miller Treagus
Born 01.06.1880 at New Fishbourne     and Isabella Martha Lanh, 24,sp,Ockley Rd,f=Charles LANHAM,plasterer Died on 27.10.1960 at Bognor Regis
Remark of New Fishbourne,labr Remark by banns ipo George LANHAM,Kate Louise MILLER,Sidney Robert TREAGUS Remark buried Felpham in unmarked grave. date is DOD
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Civil Registration & Probate
Birth James Thomas Miller Treagus (Mother MILLER) Marriage James Thomas Miller Treagus Death James Thomas Miller Treagus
Quarter 1880/3 Westhampnett Quarter 1911/4 Westhampnett Quarter 1960/4 Chichester
Reference 2b 387 Reference 2b 850 Reference 5h 621 (age 80)
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        Probate Probate-Treagus 1960.jpg

1881 James T Treagus 10m Son Unmarried b. Fishbourne
  Felpham (ED 4) Census c8-felpham-4-12.jpg 74/4 

1891 James T Treagus 10  Son Scholar b. Felpham
  Felpham (ED 5) Census c9-felpham-5-3.jpg 25/4 

1901 James Treagus 21   Single Able Seaman b. Bosham Sussex
  HMS Royal Oak (ED X) Census c0-vessels-district royal oak-8.jpg x1/1 

1911 James Thomas Miller Treagus 32  Crew Single Leading Seaman b. Bosham
  HMS Roxburgh (ED 36) Census c1-hms roxburgh-36-370.jpg  Transcribed as FREAGUS